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Short Overview.

Whether you have your own direct mail design ideas or you are ready to get started mailing one of our ready to go mailers, each piece can be custom designed to your customer demographic. We have an entire in house graphics design team, print house and account management staff dedicated to assisting your business with all of your automotive direct mail advertising needs!

  • Full Variable Data Mailers
  • Vanity Live Agent 24/7 800#
  • Elite Automotive Call Center
  • Print Design Studio, Inc
  • Real Time Alerts
  • My Fresh Prospects CRM
  • Secured Applicant Websites

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Direct Mail Samples

Our Four Most Popular Campaigns.

Interest Payment 

Most Popular

Provides the recipient with the option to save money through interest and refinancing. We target 550 - 750 FICO, 1-36 months left on open auto, payment of $250+ interest rate of 9% +



High Open Rate

Like the original pre-qualified piece it is credit-scored with the criteria you choose, but with a new check for a higher engagement. Tailored to fit the used car buyer in your market. Great for lower scores and those dealers with deep buying lenders. High volume of response.

Buy Back

Buy Back Program

New to Our Collection

We will design a custom buyback mailers piece to target your needs. With our lists you can target specific customers with offers for their current vehicle. The mailer invites them to your dealership by letting them know you are interested in their vehicle.

Buy Back

AMAZING Sales Event

Our Newest Piece

This is very effective with lower credit scores. This unprecedented Amazing Event gives the customer the power to show up at the dealership as a buyer, not a browser.



Special Promo: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Integration! New!

The day we drop your mailers the customer will have a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ad that explains they have been pre-quslified for an auto loan. View Here!